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Faculty of Law
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Semester 1, 2015 provisional list is currently under construction.

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Unit code Unit name
LAW1114-1 Criminal law 1 - stream 1
LAW1114-2 Criminal law 1 - stream 2
LAW1114-3 Criminal law 1 - stream 3
LAW1114-4 Criminal law 1 - stream 4
LAW1114-5 Criminal law 1 - stream 5
LAW2101-1 Contract A - stream 1
LAW2111-1 Constitutional law - stream 1
LAW2111-3 Constitutional law - stream 3
LAW2112-4 Property A - stream 4
LAW2201-1 Torts A - stream 1
LAW3111-1 Equity - stream 1
LAW3111-2 Equity - stream 2
LAW3112-1 Corporations law - stream 1
LAW3112-2 Corporations law - stream 2
LAW4122 International law
LAW4170 Trusts
LAW4303-1 Civil procedure - stream 1
LAW4303-2 Civil procedure - stream 2
LAW4323-2 Evidence - stream 2
LAW4331-1 Administrative law (stream 1)
LAW4538S Lawyers, literature and cinema (Summer Semester)
LAW5104S Civil procedure (Summer Semester)
LAW5125 Lawyers, ethics and society (Summer Semester)

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