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Semester 2, 2015 provisional list is currently under construction.

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Unit code Unit name
APG5050 Communication research methods
APG5425 Perspectives on environment and sustainability
APG5433 Corporate sustainability management
APG5628 Doctrines of development
APG5640 Journalism in society
APG5668 Advanced seminar in international relations
ATS1001 Chinese introductory 1
ATS1020 Leadership for social change 1
ATS1041 World religions
ATS1061 French introductory 1
ATS1091 German introductory 1
ATS1171 Korean introductory 1
ATS1191 Spanish introductory 1
ATS1221 Italian introductory 1
ATS1247 Ancient cultures 1
ATS1254 Culture, power, difference: Indigeneity and Australian identity
ATS1259 Exploring contemporary Australia
ATS1261 Understanding human behaviour
ATS1263 Bioethics: Current controversies
ATS1267 Latin language 1
ATS1279 Media and culture
ATS1281 Understanding crime: An introduction
ATS1283-GC Crime: theory and practice (Gippsland)
ATS1291 English as an international language: English language, society, and communication
ATS1297 Academic writing
ATS1305 Introduction to film studies
ATS1310 Extreme Earth! Natural hazards and human vulnerability
ATS1314 Human rights theory 1
ATS1316 Medieval Europe
ATS1319 Understanding Asia: An introduction to Asian history and culture
ATS1320 Nations at war: Revolution and empire
ATS1322 Conflict and coexistence: Jews, Christians, Muslims
ATS1325 Contemporary worlds 1
ATS1328 The foundations of journalism
ATS1329 The practice of journalism
ATS1338 The Language game: Why do we talk the way we do?
ATS1340 English for academic purposes (Summer Semester)
ATS1353 Foundations of modern politics
ATS1365 Introduction to Sociology I
ATS1371 Philosophy: Introduction A (Life, death, and morality)
ATS1371-14 Philosophy: Introduction A (Life, death, and morality) (Semester 1, 2014)
ATS1873 Introduction to international relations
ATS1901 News media and society
ATS1902 News media and social theory
ATS1903 Introducing literature: Ways of reading
ATS2003 Chinese intermediate 1
ATS2005 Chinese proficient 1
ATS2039 Understanding modern China
ATS2056 Race, crime and difference
ATS2063 French intermediate 1
ATS2065 French proficient 1
ATS2083 Bread and circuses: Understanding Roman culture
ATS2084 Classical mythology: themes and approaches in Greco-Roman epic and drama
ATS2087 Lifestyle journalism
ATS2088 Russia and the US: Comparative politics
ATS2143 Japanese intermediate 1
ATS2145 Japanese proficient 1
ATS2185 Biblical texts and contexts
ATS2193 Spanish intermediate 1
ATS2195 Spanish proficient 1
ATS2225 Italian proficient 1
ATS2352 Egypt's golden age
ATS2354 Interrogating racism: Indigenous Australians and the state
ATS2385 Anzac legends: Australians at war
ATS2400 Personality: beyond the persona
ATS2436 New Media: from the Telegraph to Twitter
ATS2442 Print cultures: Books as media
ATS2458 Crime, control and policing
ATS2471-GC Comparative criminal justice: an international perspective (Gippsland)
ATS2485 Reading the past
ATS2508 Introduction to poetry writing
ATS2520 Eurovisions: Europe since World War II
ATS2530 Film and television genres
ATS2545 Environmental hydrology
ATS2547 Cities and sustainability
ATS2548 Environmental policy and management
ATS2561 Sex and the media
ATS2563 Global consumption
ATS2586 Islam: principles, civilisations, influences
ATS2588 Australia to 1901: Making a nation
ATS2600 The Holocaust
ATS2603 The age of crusades: Cultures and societies
ATS2610 Ancient religions
ATS2625 Mobile worlds: Migrants, refugees and the politics of belonging
ATS2633 Global cities: past, present future
ATS2637 The human body and the international marketplace
ATS2640 The ethics of global conflict
ATS2648 Contemporary Japan
ATS2671 Managing intercultural communication
ATS2673 History and sociolinguistics of English
ATS2683 The analysis of discourse: Texts, narrative and society
ATS2698 Middle East Politics
ATS2699 Parties and power
ATS2706 Foreign policy analysis
ATS2723 Social research methods
ATS2743 Build your career: planning and strategies for employability
ATS2748 Introductory ancient Greek A/2
ATS2776 Climatology: land, ecosystems and the atmosphere
ATS2780 Geographical analysis
ATS2784 News and power
ATS2814 Engagement, publicity and promotion
ATS2839 Philosophy: Ethics
ATS2839-14 Philosophy: Ethics (Semester 1, 2014)
ATS2840-13 Philosophy of Mind (Semester 2, 2013)
ATS2840-14 Philosophy of Mind (Semester 2, 2014)
ATS2861 Philosophy: God, freedom and evil
ATS2861-14 Philosophy: God, freedom and evil (Semester 1, 2014)
ATS2872-13 Karma, self and liberation: Buddhist and Hindu perspectives (Semester 1, 2013)
ATS2918 Social media and online public relations
ATS2924 Ancient Egyptian Language: the basics
ATS2932 Struggles for justice: The history of rebellion, resistance and revolt
ATS2941 Asia's underside: violence, crime and protest
ATS2946 Critical thinking: How to analyse arguments and improve your reasoning skills
ATS2946-14 Critical thinking: How to analyse arguments and improve your reasoning skills (Semester 1, 2014)
ATS2962 Now Showing: Contemporary Approaches to Film and Television
ATS3004 Crime, risk and security
ATS3005 Chinese proficient 1
ATS3007 Chinese studies advanced 1
ATS3067 French studies advanced 1
ATS3071 France on film
ATS3080 Remembering the past
ATS3083 Translating Across Cultures
ATS3129 Arts internship (Summer semester)
ATS3130 Arts international internship (Summer Semester)
ATS3145 Japanese proficient 1
ATS3259 Geographical information systems (GIS) for environmental management
ATS3313 Speculative fiction
ATS3339 Egypt: The broken reed?
ATS3346 Imperial Rome: A study in power and perversion in the early empire
ATS3391 A world of sport: business, politics and media (Semester 1, 2014)
ATS3391S A world of sport: business, politics and media (Summer Semester)
ATS3445 Communications ethics, policy and law
ATS3462 International crime and justice
ATS3486 Renaissance literature: power and desire
ATS3487 Satire, sex and sensibility in the eighteenth century
ATS3503 Writing women
ATS3582 The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
ATS3583 The Holocaust in film
ATS3595 The rise and fall of Nazi Germany
ATS3627 Global cultures, local traditions: Creating and consuming (popular) culture
ATS3634 Indigenous peoples globally
ATS3666 Eastern Austronesian languages of Indonesia, East Timor and Oceania
ATS3671 Managing intercultural communication
ATS3673 History and sociolinguistics of English
ATS3695 Public policy
ATS3697 Gender and international relations
ATS3715 Sexuality and society
ATS3725 Population and society
ATS3730 Environment and society
ATS3791 Environmental change: past to future
ATS3802 Journalism practice and discourse
ATS3819 Applied music 1: Orchestration
ATS3837 Internal-external communication and reputation management
ATS3839 Public relations internship
ATS3872-13 Karma, self and liberation: Buddhist and Hindu perspectives (Semester 1, 2013)
ATS3881-13 Philosophy of Mind (Semester 2, 2013)
ATS3899 Jazz Composition/Arranging 1
ATS3905 Democratic Theory
ATS3917 War and the media: Communication technology and the representation of war
ATS3973 The political economy of European integration
ATS4924 Honours: Social sciences research methods

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