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Monash University Lectures Online

Incorporating Echo360 lecture capture technology provided by Monash University Library, capturing audio plus visual lecture content presented from the teaching computer.

You should not rely totally on this service as an alternative to attending lectures. Occasionally, technical difficulties with this type of technology will lead to recording failures.

News update

  • All MULO recordings will be unavailable from midnight Tuesday July 7 to midnight Wednesday July 8
    This is for the first stage of a necessary system software upgrade to take place. All scheduled recordings will still take place and be made available once the upgrade is complete. On July 15 recordings will also be unavailable for 24 hours to complete the software upgrade. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

  • 2015 Semester 1 unit lists
    Lists of units recorded in 2015 Semester 1 are available via the faculty pages on the right. 

  • 2015 Semester 2 unit lists
    Provisional lists of 2015 Semester 2 units will go online mid-July, after the end of the 2015 Semester 1 exam period.

Known issues

  • Error when logging in to Echo360.
    If you have a space in your password, this may cause an error when logging in to Echo360. Try changing your password to one without a space, then try logging in again.
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COPYRIGHT WARNING: copyright in these lectures is owned by Monash University. You may transcribe any lecture or take notes for the purpose of your personal study only. If used for any other purpose, your notes will infringe the University's copyright. The University may take legal action against any person who sells notes based on these lectures. You are permitted to download, or stream media files for personal study purposes only. You are not permitted to use any part of the media content on these files for any other purpose, nor may you distribute any part of these files to a third party. Any such distribution of files, or use of media content, will infringe the University's copyright. Monash University may take legal action against any person who does so.

About Monash University Lectures Online

Monash University Lectures Online is a recorded lecture service provided by Monash University Library. Monash University Lectures Online uses Echo360 audio and visual lecture capture technology. Echo360 lecture recordings are available for playback at the conclusion of lectures via EchoPlayer streaming, direct download, vodcast, or podcast (M4V and MP3 files). Lectures are captured only if requested by lecturers, who have a choice of recording and publishing formats.

Echo360 is available in all theatres included in the list of teaching spaces available for online recording.. All lecture recordings are kept available for the duration of a semester in which a unit is held. Lists of units currently being recorded can be found in the faculty groups listed above.